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Jessica icons for Sovvons ♡
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  7. 9 G O D D E S S E S
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  9. Happy birthday to the eye smile queen~ 

  10. nehoynehoy14:

    remember when you used to be real secretive about reading smutty fanfiction and making sure you were the only one in the room and now you read that shit at the dinner table like it’s nothing

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  12. happy 25th birthday tiffany!

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  14. Taeyeon’s long blonde hair porn

  15. As ot6 !! thank you for the past 2 years thank you for working hard and making good music for us hello cupids, thank you for everything. Even though hello venus won’t be the same we will always support you girls (ot6)  no matter what. please continue to achieve your dreams and please always be happy. 

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